Ladybird Provisions — Pumpkin Spice Coffee Bombs


Our version of pumpkin spice.

the platform podcast with kelli tennant, this episode features sarah rioux, an Austin-based dietician and nutritionist whose health and nutrition led to something unusual: coffee bombs. ladybird provisions

Be sure to tune into my episode with Sarah Rioux, an Austin, Texas-based dietician and nutritionist whose dedication to health and nutrition led to something unusual: Coffee Bombs. Sarah knew that she wanted to share her passion about health and nutrition with others and leave a lasting, positive impact. She knew that many of the common ailments that people deal with could be minimized or eliminated through proper nutrition. Sarah also knew that many people needed help living healthy lifestyles. And so, Ladybird Provisions (and their product, Coffee Bombs™) was born. I felt so inspired after my conversation with her, and I know you will, too.