002 | Growing @WellthyBelly Through Authentic Honesty + Navigating Overwhelming Health Battles

Holly Owens is the epitome of strength, inner beauty, and real emotions: a total health warrior if there ever was one. You’re in for a treat because this is somehow her first-ever podcast interview, but it definitely won’t be her last! Holly really only started her @WellthyBelly Instagram account and growing her own wellness platform in September 2017 – and she already has over 20k followers, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this girl!

She’s an inspiration in every way and I hope you love learning from her as much as I do!!

the platform podcast by kelli tennant; wellthybelly by holly owens

Today on The Platform…

  • The power of authentic honesty on social media

  • How one vulnerable video caused Holly’s audience to almost double in 3 days

  • Working in the world of modeling + staying true to who you are

  • Being young, struggling with health issues, and feeling like no one else gets it

  • Fighting what feels like an overwhelming health battle

  • Educating people to question more + be their own advocate

  • What a functional medicine doctor is + how they’re different from a traditional MD

  • Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t as passionate about wellness as you


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