005 | Spatial Soulutions: Your Space is a Canvas for Who You Are | with Dany D'Andrea

Organizing, cleaning up closets, feng shui... not exactly my strong suit. So what’s a girl to do when she’s looking for an energy shift and welcoming space to walk into every night?

You talk to Dany D'Andrea, the Founder + #BossBabe of Spatial Soulutions, a mindful organization service that tries to help people create an environment that brings their best self out and, ultimately, manifest their dreams!

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Today on The Platform...

  • All of the stuff in your environment is either inhibiting or accelerating

  • Dany’s entrepreneurial journey

  • Putting yourself out there

  • The energy in your space

  • Experiencing a massive shift in your spirituality

  • Being more mindful about what we’re holding onto

  • Why having plants + living energy in your space is so important

  • The importance of not putting things under your bed

  • How crystals can change the energy in a room

  • Why Dany is starting to ask about her clients’ love language

  • Dany’s morning rituals

  • Decanting everything you buy

  • Navigating social media

  • Women supporting women

  • The toughest part of being an entrepreneur

  • Dany’s favorite tips + tricks for making your space beautiful + functional

Leina Megurikami