006 | You’re Entitled to Miracles | with Lisa Devine (AKA The Modern Magdalene)

I’ve been navigating the spiritual world a ton over the past few years, seeing Shaman, psychics, and intuitive leaders pretty regularly. But I knew absolutely nothing before I met today’s guest.

Lisa Devine is my psychic spiritual guide, intuitive, and soul sister. She spent a huge part of her life tapping into the spiritual realm to help others overcome obstacles (or just remove them entirely), find their purpose, and answer life’s most difficult questions. Lisa has been an absolute angel in my life + she has taken my state of consciousness to a whole new level!

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Today on The Platform...

  • Giving women permission to step into their power

  • Being a wife + mother

  • Helping others move mountains out of their way

  • Standing in your power

  • Working with angels + spirits

  • Being in your higher self

  • Past life regression

  • Choosing growth

  • Tuning into your intuition

  • What is this transitional time that the Earth is going through?

  • Asking for a BIG life!

  • Being The Indigo Whisperer

  • Creating your own fairy tale

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