007 | The Human Garage: Where Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Meets Science | with Garry Lineham

Have you ever heard of fascia? Until recently, I’d never even heard the word, and concepts like postural alignment, craniosacral, and Untroque therapy were completely foreign to me. Luckily, I was introduced to The Human Garage – and the rest is history!

Garry Lineham is the co-founder of The Human Garage, where he and his team of motion mechanics, biomechanical specialists, and chiropractors take the mind-body-spirit approach to healing. When I tell you their work is nothing short of miraculous, I mean it – I walked in there with debilitating pain and fatigue and, over the last year and a half, they have been an integral part of my healing journey.

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Garry is also kind enough to let The Platform listeners bypass the very long waitlist!

If you go to humangarage.net/waitlist, fill out the form, and then put “KELLI” in the referral box, you will be moved right to the top! (You can also get 20% off of my favorite anti-inflammatory supplement on my website using coupon code "KELLI20")

Today on The Platform...

  • Garry’s knack for storytelling

  • The companies like Uber that come along and break the mold – and why we NEED a company like that in healthcare

  • Struggling for years with chronic pain and seemingly no way out

  • How The Human Garage is different from other wellness centers

  • Helping the human body heal itself

  • When Kelli was tossed down the stairs as a child

  • Why releasing the stress in your jaw has such a powerful positive effect on the body

  • The Human Garage is doing SCIENCE!

  • Giving people the tools to heal (instead of addressing symptoms)

  • Trauma has weight

  • Working with meridian lines

  • Untorque therapy

  • All the crying that happens in The Garage

  • Removing toxicity from your house

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