008 | The Strong Movement: Strong Body + Strong Mind = Strong Girl | with Ailis Garcia

This show is all about female powerhouses – and today’s guest is nothing short of that title! My dear friend Ailis Garcia is changing the game for young women across the country with her program The Strong Movement.

Ailis is creating a complete culture shift, travelling to different college campuses to inspire young women through movement, sisterhood, positive psychology, and self-love. I’ve watched her take this from idea to complete domination in just a few short years and I’m so proud of everything she’s about!

Ailis makes me feel like I can do anything – and I know this episode will do the same for you!

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Today on The Platform...

  • How The Strong Movement started as a blog + evolved into so much more

  • Learning how to work out + eat right

  • Building sisterhood at a young age

  • How the girls respond to Ailis’ workshops

  • What Ailis is learning about herself

  • Learning how to say no + focus on self-care

  • What sorority is REALLY all about (and how Ailis brings sisterhood back to these communities)

  • Getting a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

  • The difference between what you think of when you think of psychology and positive psychology

  • Mental health is not the absence of mental illness

  • How the positive psychology program enhanced The Strong Movement

  • The most difficult part of building this company + movement

  • Finding the diet that works for you

  • Shifting to self-compassion + self-love

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