011 | PHLUR: Transparency Made Beautiful | with Eric Korman

I love perfume so much! But when I learned how toxic and detrimental most perfumes and candles are for our health... well, I threw everything away immediately! Of course, then I was left perfumeless and candleless...

But, luckily, I discovered PHLUR, a fragrance company co-created by Eric and Cynthia Korman to consciously curate beautiful and effective products that won’t harm you (crazy, right?). They work with the most sought-after perfurmers in the world to create perfect scents, and today Eric gives us the lowdown on the entire process.

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Today on The Platform...

  • Why are high-end fragrances sold at such a ridiculous price point?

  • Building a brand that’s about fragrance, from the ground up

  • What role can fragrance play in your life?

  • Why some natural ingredients aren’t sustainable & some synthetics are safely sourced

  • Not using anything from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species

  • PHLUR starts with an idea or a moment in time, as opposed to an olfactive direction

  • The art + science that goes into create a fragrance

  • “All that matters is what you like”

  • How regulations around fragrances might be changing in the near future

  • The biggest challenge in launching the company + building the brand

  • The self-care + beauty industries are predominantly run by men

  • Expanding the PHLUR product line

  • The ‘Clean at Sephora’ initiative


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