012 | Moon Rivers Naturals: A Family-Run Company on the Front Lines of the Clean Beauty Movement | with Stefanie McNeely

I love small family-run companies that are doing big things, and I recently discovered Moon Rivers Naturals while shopping in Denver. It was love at first sight when I saw their incense cones (and I bought every other product they make online shortly thereafter, of course). The packaging, the branding, the scents: everything is so good!

Moon Rivers Naturals hand-makes so many incredible non-toxic body oils, salt scrubs, bath soaps, and tons of other beautiful products that make you feel pampered – without all of the horrible chemicals.

And today I have the pleasure of talking with their Co-Founder + Mama-in-Charge, Stefanie McNeely! She is sweet but fierce, but I love her for that – and I think you will too!

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Today on The Platform..

  • How Stefanie started making soaps

  • Expanding the Moon Rivers product line beyond soaps

  • Experimenting with essential oils

  • Creating products with simple ingredients + no synthetics

  • The time-consuming process of sourcing only the best ingredients

  • How (and why) Stefanie educates their retailers and customers

  • Struggling with mom guilt

  • Stefanie + Stevesie’s awesome relationship

  • Growing to a nation-wide brand

  • Why Stephanie connected the production area to the shop

  • The growing direct-to-consumer part of Moon Rivers Naturals

  • Why Stefanie’s husband is sometimes referred to as “patchouli Jesus”

  • Stefanie’s mentors

  • The growing pains of a young company


Leina Megurikami