014 | Changing Your Life by Changing Your Diet: The Gluten-Free Lifestyle | with Megan Curry

I love mother-daughter duos, and I love women with amazing spirits who light up the room. Megan Curry - just one half of Curry Girls Kitchen - is my newest and most inspiring girlfriend. Along with her mom, she is private-chefing and teaching people about how to eat functionally in ways that best serve their bodies, through whole foods and anti-inflammatory lifestyles.

Her love for food, and healing those around her, is second to none, and when you hear about Megan’s journey, you’re gonna be blown away.

She is such a special young woman with so much energy and love to share.

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Today on The Platform..

  • Megan’s childhood health journey

  • The difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease

  • Navigating feelings of shame for being the “weird kid” with food issues

  • How gluten contributes to depression and anxiety

  • The joy of feeling healthy for the first time - after seventeen years of illness

  • Functional medicine for our generation

  • Becoming a successful private chef without any formal training

  • Cooking with love!

  • Sisterly love: family comes first

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