015 | A Young Health Nut’s Journey Into Entrepreneurship | with Brad Searle

Sprouted nuts - why are they good for you, and, really, what is the point?

Well, I don’t want to give it all away now, but trust me: after listening to the creator of Springbound Snacks, you’re never going to want to eat a regular nut again.

Formerly known as Nourishing Nuts, Brad Searle began this little company just a few years ago, and it is already getting a ton of attention. This is truly a story of a family recipe turned into something really magical.

It’s next-level snacking.

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Today on The Platform...

  • Brad’s health-nut family history

  • Why sprouted nuts are so much healthier and tastier

  • Networking the right way

  • Fighting against imposter syndrome

  • The importance of starting with small goals

  • Utilizing your business to support nonprofits

  • How Brad’s faith helps his business

  • Delegating non-strength tasks as a business leader

  • Passion as an essential key to entrepreneurial success


Leina Megurikami