017 | How Puracy Supports Healthy Families, Cleaner Environments, & Caring Communities with Non-Toxic Cleaning Products | with Sean Busch

When I’m mad, I really love to clean... but you know what makes me mad? Cleaning products filled with harmful toxins! The amount of chemicals in conventional products is crazy and, honestly, quite scary!

A year ago, I put my foot down and said, “No more!” Then I found Puracy and, well, let’s just say I’m not getting mad nearly as often anymore. I think Puracy is one of the best companies on the market, in terms of quality, price point, and give back, so I’m pumped to share this conversation with co-founder Sean Busch with all of you today!

the platform podcast; health and wellness; kelli tennant and sean busch, owner of puracy; how puracy supports healthy families, cleaner environments and caring communities with non-toxic cleaning products; home care products, beauty products; chemical-free; natural beauty and care

Today on The Platform...

  • How Sean got involved with a non-toxic cleaning startup

  • How Puracy decides what ingredients to use & what ingredients to exclude

  • Why Puracy creates unique fragrance combinations for their products

  • Creating transparency around your brand

  • Puracy’s remarkable amount of give back and community outreach

  • Developing a give back mindset

  • Why Puracy decided to create simple packaging that highlights local artists

  • Staying a private company

  • Embracing ecommerce

  • Doing R&D for the current + upcoming Puracy product line

  • Fighting for more regulation


Leina Megurikami