020 | Navigating The Postpartum Journey | with McLean McGown

I was at an event in LA a few months ago, at WMN Space, and as we were sitting in the circle, I noticed someone in the corner holding her child. I was so drawn to her. She had this really peaceful, powerful energy, and I just felt like I needed to know her. So I did what any girl in her right mind does these days when she wants to know someone: I found her on Instagram and started stalking her.

What did I discover?

McLean McGown is an ayurvedic postpartum doula, focused on yoga, plant-based eating, and conscious parenting. She was so incredibly kind and grounded. We had the best conversation about pregnancy, birth options and experiences, the difficulties of breastfeeding, and the ways we can empower ourselves and our families throughout the process.

McLean is such a powerful mom and guide, and I am so excited for you to learn from her.

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Today on The Platform...

  • McLean’s journey into finding her calling as a postpartum doula

  • The differences between birth doulas and postpartum doulas

  • McLean addresses the hospital vs. home birth debate

  • How to choose a doula

  • Entire villages used to help out in the first forty days; now, mothers are going it alone. Find out why that’s detrimental, and how to return to the comfort of your own village

  • Learn how ayurvedic nutrition and treatment benefits new moms

  • Hear the story of how McLean and her husband had both independently planned for the same baby name

  • How to comfortably ask for help from your community


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