023 | Destroying the Stadium’s Glass Ceiling | with Lindsay Rhodes

My first mentor in television. My first idol in sports broadcasting.

Lindsay Rhodes is now a host on the NFL Network, but when I met her, she was still in the grind of local LA sports, working USC and UCLA football games. She took me under her wing the moment we were connected (thanks, Tim Tessalone!) and I will always be grateful for her unwavering support and willingness to answer the phone for my calls when tough things were happening in my career. There’s only love here, and I wish someone like Lindsay for all of you aspiring to grow and learn in your own field.

I love this chat, because it’s a true testament to what a wonderful woman she is, and the example she sets for us all.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Finding joy in a community of women

  • Lindsay and Kelli compare stories of their time at USC

  • Seeking out optimal networking communities

  • The joys and hardships of starting out as a beginner in your field

  • Trudging through low-budget, beginner-salary-woes

  • Lindsay’s story of moving beyond the glass ceiling in sports broadcasting

  • Lindsay’s experience of working as a sports broadcaster while pregnant

  • Releasing the societal expectations of how a female sports broadcaster “should” look


Leina Megurikami