024 | Nailing It | with Amy Ling Lin

You hear me talk about toxins all the time, on the show and online, and it’s really because I’m so passionate about making sure that you understand the harmful effects these chemicals we touch and consume every day have on our health.

We’ve discussed cleaning products, makeup, and perfume, but we haven’t talked about nail salons or nail polish. You guys, this is not a drill: most conventional nail polishes are filled with chemicals, toxins, and animal products. This is actually legal, and really scary. Think about it: that stuff stays on your body for weeks at a time. Plus, let’s not even get into all the polish removers and lotions that they use on you which are endocrine disruptors and make your hormones go crazy.

I’ve done the research, and this is still a pretty unknown topic, but there are some incredible people making huge changes in nail care. The founder of Sundays Studio in New York, Amy Ling Lin, is amazing. When I came to visit and interview her for this episode, I was so blown away at just how clean the salon was, how good it smelled, and the standards for products that she has.

This is a true self-made boss lady, and you will be so inspired by her story.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Amy’s dissatisfaction with working in retail

  • Fearlessly making the jump into a totally new career

  • The secret ingredient in most nail polishes which negatively affects women’s endocrine systems

  • Finding the strength to disrupt an entire industry

  • Amy’s journey from China to the United States to find her father

  • Working with chemists to find the best nontoxic ingredients

  • The difference between “3 Free” and “10 Free” labels on nail polish

  • Amy recommends her favorite non-toxic nail products on the market today


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