032 | A Tall Girl’s Guide to Fashion, Motherhood, and Life | with Robin Harris

I love tall ladies - mostly because I can finally talk to someone who doesn’t ask me, “how’s the weather up there?” Or, “how tall are you?”

(PSA, people: don’t do this.)

Tall women, tall clothes - what a concept, right? You would think it’s more mainstream than is, but it’s not. So, luckily, I mean my new bestie, Robin Harris, the creator of Model Atelier, an entire line of fabulous clothes made specifically for tall women in inclusive sizes.

As a former model, Robin has seen it all, and when she created her brand she had a vision of the types of women she wanted to see in her collection. She isn’t a size two, and she’s taller than almost any model you’ll ever see. She is changing the fashion industry, and doing it with so much passion, a beautiful smile, and a brilliant mind.

As you’ll hear, I am so in love with everything she makes, and the way in which she runs her business with her sweet husband.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Growing up tall: Kelli and Robin compare experiences (and insecurities)

  • Robin’s experience parenting a tall daughter

  • When Robin stepped away from modeling to be her best self for her daughter

  • Utilizing her MBA and launching Model Atelier: fashion for tall women

  • How to create a capsule wardrobe with staple pieces

  • Robin’s focus on reviving her hometown community in the Chicago suburbs

  • Teaching body confidence to our children

  • Removing the sense of competition from fellow tall models

  • Robin’s experience working with her husband

  • Reclaiming her voice after losing it as a model: overcoming the fear

  • Finding a partner who can step up and hold space for your power

  • Succeeding as a female CEO in a room full of men

  • How Model Atelier became the official clothing line of the WNBA’s LA Sparks


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