033 | Healing Through Organization | with Paige Killian

Today’s episode is with my friend Paige Killian, who started out as the babymomma to my friend Donny, and has turned into family.

Her kids are all over my Instagram, and I was anointed “Auntie Kelli” eight years ago and have not looked back.

Paige has seen me through many breakups, made sure I had money when I was trying to survive in broadcasting, let me live in her house when I couldn’t afford an apartment, and has been an amazing example for me in strength and love.

Most recently, she started her incredible organizing business and has had so much success already. I love her story and the care she uses with each of her clients. I am (thank goodness!) her client, and she just did my entire new home from scratch - junk drawers, wine cabinet, closets, dressers, bathroom - all of it.

We go in depth into her process, as well as a lot of her mindset as a mom of two littles: Izzy and Duke.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Paige’s transition from motherhood back into the working world

  • How motherhood helped Paige’s career blossom and grow

  • The joy and fulfillment that can be felt through service

  • The immense power of grace

  • Outsourcing: call on your community for help!

  • Releasing Mom-guilt

  • How organization can heal

  • Knowing your children’s love languages

  • The power of the purge

  • The creation of Paige’s upcoming book

  • Taking your space from “crappy” to “happy”


Leina Megurikami