036 | Sharing Stories and Spreading Hope | with Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds is a woman who does it all.

She went through significant life-altering experiences at a very young age, and used that to create her own platform for community and storytelling. In Chicago, Whitney is host and executive producer of the Whitney Reynolds show on PBS. An Emmy-nominated host, she worked her way up from an intern at Good Morning America to having her own place to do good and share the lives of others.

We sat down earlier this year to talk about her journey, being a southern girl in a big city, and how she’s navigated the pitfalls of television.

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Today on The Platform...

  • Young Whitney recording her first talk show episodes with her mom at home

  • How Whitney’s childhood trauma drove her to discover her mission: to find a way to help people feel they’re not alone

  • Navigating her career and pursuing her dream as a young southern girl in Chicago

  • How Whitney supports other women in her field with Whitney’s Women

  • Accomplishing a work/life balance

  • Whitney’s pregnancy body transformation

  • The incredible value of having a mentor


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