037 | Coaching With Mindfulness And Faith | with Tiffany Louise

Tall girls unite!

I’ve found a friend in Chicago, and she is so special. This one was amazing because Tiffany Louise approaches growth from many different angles. I saw so much of myself in her, which was incredibly eye-opening, and it also gave me such a sense of peace to know that I’ve had an experience similar to someone else’s.

She’s a therapist, professional coach, and speaker. She works with clients to give them the tools to do the work, get really honest with themselves, and always comes from a place of love and empathy. She has such a warm heart, and she makes you feel so seen and taken care of.

She’s not going to rescue you - but her method will give you all the tools you need to bring out the best parts of yourself.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful episode.

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Today on The Platform…

  • How God led Tiffany to serve in the field of addiction therapy

  • Why we as a society must bring normalcy to (and remove shame from) therapy

  • Tiffany’s daily spiritual practice - including conscious social media intake, a moving meditation, and consistent personal check-ins

  • Letting go of the scarcity mentality and practicing a mindset of abundance

  • The most important lessons that Tiffany learned about how to be in a relationship

  • How Tiffany merges spirituality with traditional therapy

  • Why being less judgmental to others can’t happen until we are less judgmental to ourselves

  • The differences between religion and spirituality - and why each person should do what works for them

  • Navigating clients’ strong emotions as a highly empathetic therapist and coach


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