043 | Advocating For Your Own Health | with Bethany Ugarte

The beauty of social media is that I get to follow so many inspiring women who have truly changed my life and the way I view health and wellness. The woman on today’s show, Bethany Ugarte, is known as “Lil Sipper” on Instagram, and has changed so many people’s lives.

She almost died from IBS, and when you go to her page, you’ll see the photos of when she was extremely ill, and it will blow your mind. She has nursed herself back to health with the help of her naturopath and a holistic healing regimen, and she shares all of that with her followers (and, today, with all of us as well), so that we can heal, too.

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Today on The Platform…

  • The value (and ridiculousness) of certain diet trends and fads

  • The latest health and wellness innovations that will change your life

  • Mythbusting: Bethany’s superpower

  • How to navigate illnesses like SIBO and IBS - even when your doctor won’t help you

  • Bethany’s amazing new protein powder

  • Time management: how to be successful when you love what you do


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