045 | Healing the Past to Serve the Present | with Anela Lineham

This show is focused on healing, and many of our guests have gone in depth about the effects of clean food and a nontoxic lifestyle playing a role in their healing journeys. I believe in this very much in my own life as well, but getting into the role of emotional healing after trauma is truly the core, and the discussion that needs to be had. As the #metoo movement has taken precedence over the past year, I have been sick over the number of women affected in my own life and across the globe. On top of that, the state of chaos in our country can be deeply unsettling. I decided it was time we broach this topic.

Domestic violence and war are things most people can never get past, and many don’t survive. Today’s guest is a victim of both. She escaped terrifying, life-threatening scenarios, and is now living a life of service to help women step into their own power and heal.

Anela Lineham is an intuitive women’s health expert. She’s a motion breathwork master, an expert in women’s health with a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a woman’s well being.

She’s also the cofounder of The Human Garage, a place that has been intricate in my own healing journey. It’s no coincidence she helped create this space; it’s what she always needed.

This conversation is powerful, painful, and deeply necessary.

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Today on The Platform…

  • How Anela escaped the Bosnian war and started a new life as a refugee in London

  • The similarities Anela sees between pre-war Bosnia and current-day America

  • When your disease becomes your identity

  • How to detox from trauma - emotionally, physically, and spiritually

  • Becoming aware of (and avoiding) the toxins in products all around us

  • Domestic abuse: it can happen to anyone, even the strong ones

  • Healing and treating the Epstein-Barr virus

  • Why Anela chose to create The Human Garage


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