046 | The Healing Power of Bees | with Carly Stein

If you grew up anything like me, you probably grew up a little afraid of bees - but what I’m learning now is that they’re actually extremely healing. They have so many beautiful properties that can allow your body to heal from things like Lyme Disease and brain fog.

Carly Stein, who created Beekeeper’s Naturals, is the bee whisperer.

She is creating this incredible brand that is focused on healing. Based on her own journey with health she was very sick at a young age, and was urged in Italy by a pharmacist to try propolis to help with her illness, and it changed her life.

She’s already been named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” and she is creating so many beautiful products and helping educate us all about the natural ways bees can help heal us.

Enjoy this show - you’re going to learn so much.

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Today on The Platform...

  • How propolis saved Carly in Italy

  • Tips for healing when allergic to antibiotics

  • Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Honey: natural health products that actually work!

  • The hamster wheel of Western medicine

  • Why honey is far better for you than other sweeteners

  • How to leave your unfulfilling good job - to pursue your dream job

  • Bee venom therapy


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