047 | Conscious Parenting | with Tamara Iglesias

This was a conversation I had really been looking forward to, because I love this guest’s perspective. I’m sure some people will think her ideas are radical, but I think they’re absolutely worth hearing. To say it simply: Tamara Iglesias believes in conscious parenting.

Tamara is the Founder of Wellynest, a wellness and mama coaching brand dedicated to empowering families to live fully whole and nourished lives. As a mama coach and a mother, she’s deeply passionate about raising whole beings from the very beginning.

With her coaching, Tamara aims to create honest conversations around some of the greatest triggers and struggles in parenting. Her coaching supports families through these struggles and transforms them into opportunities and ways to connect more deeply with our children. This work gives parents the chance to look inward to understand their own patterns and limiting beliefs, and how these childhood wounds can manifest into how we are choosing to raise our children.

I can’t wait for you to hear this one.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Tamara’s daily self-care routine - including meditation, oil pulling, breath work, and asana

  • Replacing “discipline” with limits and boundaries

  • Accepting, honoring, and caring for introverted children (and introverted YOU!)

  • Giving children permission to feel, so that big events don’t turn into long-term traumas

  • Combating the rise of technology dependence among children

  • How parents can consciously avoid living vicariously through their children

  • Why parenting is an opportunity to evolve

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