048 | The Joy Behind The Lens | with Ashley Streff

There’s this culture in LA of so many people within the wellness community, and everyone needs their picture taken. I call today’s guest the “photographer of the stars.”

Ashley Streff is an amazing photographer. She has photographed many of my friends, as well as many influencers and wellness advocates in LA and across the country.

Not only is she a wonderful photographer, she also has a crazy health journey story, and went through so much with celiac disease diagnosis at a very young age. She shows up for people in a really profound way, and has also learned to show up for herself.

I’m really excited for you to meet Ashley.

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Today on The Platform...

  • Ashley’s tips to navigate anxiety and overcome perfectionism

  • How Ashley dealt with celiac disease back when no one had heard of it

  • Cultivating healthy relationships with your parents as an adult

  • Processing and healing our physical manifestations of trauma

  • Where panic attacks really originate (the gut, not the brain)

  • How the universe led Ashley to photography

  • The dangers of isolation


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