065 | The Rebirth | with Priya Lakhi

On today’s episode I am joined by coach, spiritual teacher, and creator of Awaken Ananda, Priya Lakhi! Priya’s passion is helping women hear their heart with clarity and align with their inner wisdom. I love being able to share the healers that I see with all of you, and this incredible woman is one of my personal healers. Priya is a former death row attorney turned clarity coach, if you can believe that!

Priya has so many gifts that she’s able to share with her clients, and I feel so lucky to be able to not only work with her, but also share a little bit of her story here on The Platform. In this episode the two of us talk about intuition and intelligence, being our own healers, and how the word “should” is negatively affecting our lives.

the platform podcast with kelli tennant; kristen hinman, public relations, pr company, marketing, social media marketing, google adwords, advertisement, small business owner, Kristen Hinman is the CEO of Peare Media, a caring mother, and an active champion of ayurvedic health. After over eight years in the PR Industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known, and she discovered her superpower: getting people’s unique stories out of them, and then telling those stories in a way that resonates with others.

Today on The Platform...

  • The transition from death row attorney to clarity coach

  • The healing that Priya received during her time of discovery

  • Why more people are going through a rebirth right now

  • Understanding what it is you really want + practicing empty presence

  • Deciphering between intuition and intelligence

  • How physical manifestations occur

  • How we can clear our energetic field

  • Ways Priya helps her clients + protects herself


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