067 | Perspective | with Kelli Tennant

I am back on the mic for another solo episode! It’s kind of funny how apprehensive I was at first, I loved being able to share with you, and I’ve decided to make this a once a month thing. For some background on what I’m diving into today, I recommend giving my first solo episode, Opening Up, a listen.

Today I’m sharing some fun stuff! I had a lot of you reach out and message me on social media with different questions you have, so I’m going to answer them today. I’m also going to be talking about all of the awesome stuff that we have going on over here at The Platform– so much is happening, I’m excited to share it with you!

the platform podcast with kelli tennant; kristen hinman, public relations, pr company, marketing, social media marketing, google adwords, advertisement, small business owner, Kristen Hinman is the CEO of Peare Media, a caring mother, and an active champion of ayurvedic health. After over eight years in the PR Industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known, and she discovered her superpower: getting people’s unique stories out of them, and then telling those stories in a way that resonates with others.

Today on The Platform...

  • The Gather event

  • What’s going on over here at The Platform

  • What the autoimmune protocol is

  • Finding a functional medicine doctor

  • IUDs, birth control, and breast implants

  • My bath routine

  • Creating a tribe of women

  • Liver detoxing

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Religion + spirituality

  • How I practice self love + advocate for myself


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