070 | Brain Health | with Dr. Andrew Hill

Dr. Andrew Hill, a brain health and peak performance expert, joins me on the podcast today! Dr. Hill runs Peak Brain Institute, which is a center where you can go to get to the root of whatever is happening for you neurologically.

I am so excited that I was able to have this conversation with Dr. Hill because I find what he does so incredible and really necessary. In today’s episode, Dr. Hill shares about neuro-health and the brain, and we also talk through my own personal results from my testing done just a few weeks ago. I learned so much in our conversation, and I can’t wait for you to listen in!

the platform podcast with kelli tennant; kristen hinman, public relations, pr company, marketing, social media marketing, google adwords, advertisement, small business owner, Kristen Hinman is the CEO of Peare Media, a caring mother, and an active champion of ayurvedic health. After over eight years in the PR Industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known, and she discovered her superpower: getting people’s unique stories out of them, and then telling those stories in a way that resonates with others.

Today on The Platform...

  • Dr. Hill explains my test results

  • What Dr. Hill does with the test results for patients

  • Scientific views on PTSD and OCD

  • How Dr. Hill works with his patients

  • His work with children

  • How Dr. Hill treats holistically

  • Why he got into this field

  • The different types of doctors that Dr. Hill works with


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