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Hello everyone and welcome to The Platform! 

I created this space to serve women in a variety of ways. Here, you will find links to my podcast with interviews featuring the best and brightest people
I know. I’ve also curated the cleanest, non-toxic products to help you transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

Together we will help you grow into your most authentic, vibrant self! 


The Journey Within: Intention

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are YOU ready to #gocleanwithkt?

When I’m mad, I really love to clean. But you know what makes me mad? Cleaning products filled with HARMFUL TOXINS! We expose ourselves to hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis with our makeup, hair wash, creams, cleansers and all our household products. Needless to say, I'm not okay with any of this in my life. Over the past year, not only have I done a massive overhaul of all the toxic products, but I have teamed up with some of the very best, cleanest companies out there to bring you education, awareness, and drum roll please... Discounts!

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