you’ve come to the right place if…

✔ You’re always feeling tired and not quite sure why

✔ You’re in pain and have chronic headaches

✔ You find yourself waking up after a night of sleep and not feeling rested

✔ You’re experiencing feelings of sadness or depression

✔ You’ve ever been assaulted or bullied

✔ You want to get in shape but find it hard to get (and stay) motivated

✔ You desire more for yourself and want to practice self-love 


i’m here to tell you…


it IS possible to get better and become healthy again.

I’m Kelli Tennant, the face and voice behind The Platform. I created this space to help women heal.

On my own health journey for the past 13 years I’ve gone from bed-ridden, depressed and suicidal to the boss of my own company, with vibrant energy, joy and a pain-free life. I’m here to teach you how to heal emotionally and physically. 


hear about how I’m
helping you heal. 



"Kelli is on the ground doing the hard work for those of us who are suffering from autoimmune issues and having to be our own advocates because western medicine is not helping much. She has pointed me into life-saving direction and I’m so grateful for all the knowledge and hope she shares on The Platform Podcast.”

— Jordanproper


what we do

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heal your gut

We give you the tools to heal your digestion, pain and fatigue through food.


heal your emotions

We give you the tools to heal the trauma stored in your organs and fascia.

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heal your mind

We help you heal the stories that are ingrained in your subconscious mind.


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The Journey Within: Detox


launching February 2019

The Journey Within: Detox will take you through my process for finding the cleanest, most effective beauty and household products and teach you about the chemicals and toxins you need to avoid! Don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you! Join me for this FREE course and I’ll give you simple + easy ways to implement non-toxic living into your day to day. Let’s go clean together!